Our Rates

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates from Your address in the United States to your nearest post office in Armenia are the following:

- USD 4.95 per up to 1 pound weight parcel,


Use our calculator to better estimate your shipment cost.

Shipping calculation is based on dimensional weight. Your order billable weight will be the greater of the dimensional weight compared to the actual weight.

Once your order arrives at your US address, we’ll let you know what the cost will be for the delivery to the post office nearest to your address in Armenia. You can pay directly from your debit or credit cards.

In your personal account you will be able to see the size and weight of your parcel, based on which the tariff is calculated.

Our Calculator will provide information regarding the preliminary billable weight, but you can also find out the shipping cost yourself, you just need to calculate the dimensional weight of your parcel and then compare it with the actual weight: the greatest value will be equivalent to the preliminary billable weight.

You have to take the following steps in order to calculate:

1. Measure your item, using the data presented in the picture below:


The maximum points shall be used when measuring the length and width of the parcel.

2. Imagine your parcel as a cube even if it is not

The dimensional weight is the parcel's volume in cubic centimeters divided by 6,000. It can be calculated with the following formula:

Height x length x width ÷ 6,000 = cubic weight

If the actual weight of your parcel is 7 pounds but the dimensional weight is 8 pounds, we'll charge you the dimensional weight because it is greater. But if the parcel's actual weight is 11 ponds, we'll charge you the actual weight because it is greater than the cubic weight of 8 pounds.

Limits of weight and dimensions of your parcel via air shipping

Each parcel delivered via air shipping must not exceed the following dimensions and weigh standards:

· Weight more than 66 pounds

· maximum length 41 inches

· dimension greater than 0.25 cubic meters

Items exceeding the mentioned limits with up to 200 pounds of weight can be delivered via sea shipping.

Some additional charges may be added for the maintenance and delivery of your item, which will be informed to you in advance. In particular, the additional costs may be charged.