Shopping in the U.S. Becomes Easy for Armenia’s Residents with New ShopInAmerica Platform

by Super User

In the framework of the cooperation between RA Ministry of Finance and HayPost modifications in the import customs legislation have taken place which allow the residents of Armenia tax free import of goods.

Due to these amendments in the law and the mentioned collaboration with RA Ministry of Finance, HayPost has taken a step forward to facilitate the purchasing process of goods from the U.S.. Now residents of Armenia can also make customs clearance on goods they are importing and pay their custom duties at HayPost offices all over Armenia. HayPost staff has undergone intensive customs clearance training to effectively manage these processes.


This customs clearance process will contribute to more transparency on import and increase the state revenue. The collaboration between the Ministry of Finance and HayPost began over a year ago. As a result, HayPost developed and launched today a new service that facilitates the process of on-line shopping and shipment from the U.S for its customers in Armenia. is a portal through which the customers in Armenia can register and obtain a U.S. postal address at the newly opened HayPost office in Glendale, California. They will benefit from an easy access to the goods in the U.S. market. Once the purchased goods are delivered to the HayPost office in Glendale, these are shipped to the HayPost office in Armenia nearest to the customer. This innovative mechanism will make the shipment and receipt of online purchases from the U.S. to Armenia easier, faster and more economical, even in the most remote rural areas through the wide network of HayPost offices in the country.

The Managing Director of “HayPost Trust Management" BV Juan Pablo Gechidjian noted: “We are happy and proud to launch ShopInAmerica. At HayPost, we believe that this new service, unprecedented in Armenia, will be a great success in unlocking a new market for Armenian consumers and entrepreneurs and have a fast and reliable access to a world of opportunities. Our newly-opened HayPost office in Glendale enables us to ensure swift and safe delivery of wide range of goods directly from the U.S. to HayPost offices in Armenia without the need to go through customs, as the customers can enjoy tax free imports of goods to Armenia if they make purchases of up to AMD 200,000 and 30 kg per month. This unique platform will contribute to increase the trade between Armenia and the U.S.. It is our goal to improve and expand our services to meet the needs of our customers and to bridge Armenia with the rest of the world. Now, you can shop like you live in America”. will be active from August 1, 2015.